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The Friend will open an account and make а deposit







You gain 10% of the Friend’s deposit


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      Rules of the “Refer a Friend” Promotion
      The promotion “Refer a Friend” (hereinafter “Promotion”) is intended for existing clients (hereinafter “Participants”) of TradeFTM (hereinafter “Company”). Under the terms of this Promotion, Participants who refer a person (hereinafter “Friend”) that becomes a client of the Company will receive a bonus (hereinafter “Bonus”) in the amount of 10% (ten percent) of the Friend’s first deposit to the trading account with the Company.
      Take these three simple steps to participate in the Promotion and receive the Bonus:

      1. You must be a client of the Company. Tell your friends and acquaintances about the opportunities for trading on the financial markets, offered by the Company.
      2. Once your Friends (one or several of them) open trading accounts in the Company and make a deposit, you will be awarded the Bonus for each Friend.
      3. To take part in the Promotion and receive the Bonus, fill in the simple form above to provide your details and those of your Friend.

      1. Requirements for the Friend’s trading account

      1.1. To take part in the Promotion, the Friend must be verified and must open one of the following types of accounts: Micro, Account 1:1000, Standard, MT-ECN.

      1.2. The Friend’s first deposit should be $100 or more (one hundred US dollars).

      1.3. The Friend must be a new client of the Company. The term “new” implies that:
      – at the time of the Promotion, the Friend must have no other operating trading accounts in the Company;
      – if the Friend previously had a trading account in the Company, all operations on that account must have been completed not less than 6 (six) months before the beginning of the Promotion.

      1.4. The Friend may not come from the Company’s IB Affiliate program. The affiliate commission from the Friend’s trades as a percentage of spread is not awarded.

      1.5. The Friend’s trading account can take part in any other Promotions and Bonuses programs of the Company on a general basis and without any limitation.
      2. The amount of the Bonus, conditions for receipt and withdrawal

      2.1. The amount of the Bonus awarded to the Participant is 10% (ten percent) of the first deposit into the Friend’s trading account. The amount of the Bonus is unlimited.

      2.2. The first deposit of the trading account of the Friend shall be credited to the balance of MT4 terminal. Internal transfer between the accounts of TradeFTM shall not be deemed as the deposit.

      2.3. The Bonus shall be awarded to the Participant once the Friend is verified and makes the first deposit into the trading account with the Company.

      2.4. If the Friend fully or partially withdraws funds from his account before he completely fulfils the conditions of the minimum turnover stipulated in clause 2.8 of these Rules, the Bonus received by the Participant, as well as the profit made due to this Bonus, shall be deducted from the account of the Participant.

      2.5. To obtain the Bonus, the Participant must fill in and send the application form above, indicating the Participant’s and the Friend’s details.

      2.6. The Bonus shall be accrued to the balance of the Participant’s MT4 account within 24 hours of filing the application and can be used by the Participant for trading operations on his accounts in the Company.

      2.7. The Participant can receive the Bonus only once for each Friend.

      2.8. The Participant can withdraw the Bonus only once the referred Friend fulfils the conditions of the minimum trade turnover – 1 lot for each 10 USD of the Bonus for Micro Account, Account 1:1000, Standard, and MT-ECN accounts.

      Example (for Micro, Account 1:1000, Standard, and MT-ECN accounts):

      Let’s assume your Friend deposited 1000 USD in the Micro account. Your Bonus is 10% of the deposit, or 100 USD. You can withdraw this Bonus once your Friend performs a trade turnover (standard round turn lot) calculated on the basis of 1 lot for each 10 USD of your Bonus. So in this case, to withdraw your 100 USD Bonus, your Friend must open and close trades with a total volume of 10 lots.

      2.9. Trades with no profit or loss shall not be taken into performed trade turnover (see clause 2.8.) account. If the Company suspects that the Friend has abused the rules of the Promotion by hedging his positions internally (using other trading accounts in the Company) or externally (using other trading accounts with other brokers), then the Company reserves the right to immediately cancel the Bonus received by the Participant for that Friend.

      2.10. The Friend can also become a Participant and take part in this Promotion under the general conditions, referring new Friends (see clause 1.3 of these Rules).
      3. General terms

      3.1. When inviting Friends within the framework of this Promotion, the Participant may not act on behalf of the Company or represent himself as an affiliate of the Company.

      3.2. The Company shall be entitled to cancel the Bonus in the event of abuses and violations of the Rules on the part of the Participant and/or the Friend.

      3.3. The Company reserves the right to change the Rules of this Promotion without prior notice to the parties concerned.