2007 Establishment of the company

TradeFTM was founded in 2007, and in July of that same year we launched “tradeftm.com”, a service offering Forex, Metal and CFD Trading.. At that time,  Meta Trader 4 Trading Platform is the mainstream in Forex Industry, there is no familiar Trading Platform and large tremors ran in the Forex industry.

2009 Endless Ambition

From there on after Two years, TradeFTM is referred to when talking about “Forex Trading”, and become one of the Best Forex Retailer in Europe.

2010 Strength of the Relationship

TradeFTM continuous to pursue further an “even better service”, and started the free Forex Education services on April, 2010.

2013 Together We Build

And then, while doing the management of TradeFTM and Forex education services in Europe, We thought that “we wanted to expand the Forex services that will give pleasure to the worldwide customers.” So TradeFTM launched the Regional offices, affiliates and Became even more stronger.

2016 We’re Number One

TradeFTM reaches new client and payment method milestones, with 1,200,000+ registered accounts. TradeFTM starts one of the best partner programs in the business, is expanding. Now available with ECN trading accounts and boasting over 200+ Managers.