Brexit volatility appears to have calmed, with traders looking ahead to the third meaningful vote. Meanwhile, US-China trade talk hopes have improved amid the introduction of a new law in China aimed at improving business conditions for international firms. 

  • Markets gain ground as a volatile week draws to an end

  • Theresa May to come back for a third vote

  • US-China trade talks boosted by new law

UK traders can finally breathe a sigh of relief, with a week of big volatility and political wrangling drawing to a close. Any respite to the intensity of Brexit is going to be fleeting, for despite the lack of any major economic events today, we are now looking towards another meaningful vote next week. For the most part Theresa May is hoping threats of a long extension will push hard-line Brexiteers towards her deal, driven by the fear that Brexit may never even happen. Despite a long extension likely providing a boost for the pound, it would be bad news for businesses who are looking for an end to this constant cloud of uncertainty that has been overhead since 2016.

Despite the constant focus on Brexit for UK markets, we have also seen significant shifts in tone over US trade relations this week, with both EU and Chinese trade talks seemingly taking a knock. However, overnight we have seen some positive tones from China, with state TV heralding substantive progress in talks with the US. Perhaps more importantly, the Chinese government has finally taken steps to encourage foreign investment into the country, with a new law passed that is supposed to create a more level playing field between Chinese and international firms in the country. However, with China seemingly rushing the law through to avert further economic disruptions, there are questions over

 quite how much of an impact it will have for firms that continue to encounter problems when expanding into China.

Ahead of the open we expect the Dow Jones to open 75 points higher, at 25,785.

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